What’s your excuse?

As I looked at the picture of the beautiful Mom with her toned body, pretty smile, and three little boys and read the caption, “What’s your excuse?”, I immediately responded “bitch”!
I pondered on that thought for a while. My excuse. Didn’t think I needed one. I applaud her for having young children all in succession. I appreciate she is able to maintain her exercise regimen and remain as fit as she has. However, just as I am not asking her to justify why she’s had three children so close together, I do not need to be prompted to strip and determine why I am a fat screw up.
I strongly believe that we all have to take a step back, appreciate where we are presently and decide where we want to be in the future in order to reclaim good health. I stripped into my bra and panties and began taking pictures of myself in the mirror. I appreciated the vision I saw. My curves, my dimples, the color of my skin. My smile as I looked at myself. I began to love myself in the mirror, no excuses, no condemnation, just love.
I gave myself sometime to just appreciate my present. To love the Nicole I am today. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and opened them. My conversation turned to is there anything you want to improve upon. What change will make you better than you are today?
I was honest with my self. I began to write down goals. I can still feel the warmth and self-acceptance as I planned out my next 30 days. No condemnation, no excuses, just love and a path to improvement.
I am and will always be a work in progress. I will not always have weight to lose but I am constantly on a path of self improvement. I love myself and therefore am always trying to learn something new, acquire a new skill, become better in some form or fashion. I see myself as a butterfly becoming more beautiful as seasons change.
My message is simple: Improvement can not begin with condemnation. Love is always necessary. First you must love the you that you are today, appreciate and accept your present. Once you begin to see yourself for the wonderful being you are, we can then take attainable steps to making an even more wonderful you in the future.
I wish for you blessings and awesome experiences throughout your day today. Don’t forget to hug yourself.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Finer Things in Life
    Oct 21, 2013 @ 00:15:42

    Thank you for your honesty and witty humor. We are already gifts just as we are – imperfect.


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